Leeman Road Millenium Green

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Work And Volunteer's Gallery

The repairs to the access path were carried out with the help and volunteers of the B.T.C.V. and funded by GREENPRINTS many thanks for their help.

Severe damage to access path after prolonged heavy rain.

Cross pieces were added to prevent the erosion of aggregate down the slope.

More rain damage.

Shows some of the cross pieces which were added to stop erosion.

Path damage showing liner.


More damage.


Shows the liner.


Initial emergency repairs.

Danny Moore,myself and our little helper Mark moore carried out initial repairs on 10th Aug 2008 before the B.T.C.V. came later and did further upgrading on the path in Feb 2009.

Repairing the path.

Danny and mark.

Little Mark with his wheelbarrow


Path after emergency repairs.


Viewed from the bottom of the path after repairs.



The following photograph's are of the people who have volunteered to help to do tasks of work on the Millennium Green.

Path repairs(Before)


Volunteer's(Overgrowth on the path)


Clearing path of overgrowth.


Clearing path


Clearing the new surface to backfill the wear


Path after repairs 1


After repairs 2


B.T.C.V. Volunteer's doing repairs to pathway.


Tree planting 2009


Volunteer's planting wild flower's Spring 2009



Grass cutting.This is done weekly approx.April until October

Strimming the edges around the path's.

When and where needed.

Safety work on trees.

A survey was carried out on the tree's on site and some safety work was carried out. The work was carried out by C.Y.C. and funded by the Ward Committee.Many thank's to Bob William's and his team.











Logpiles were created for the wildlife with the branches that were removed.










New access steps to the seat on the mound.

This work was carried out by the B.T.C.V. in January 2009 and was funded by Greenprints and now provides a better access to the seating area.

Volunteer week

Pupil's from St Peter's School on a week working party who worked on project's to enhance the area.

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