Leeman Road Millenium Green

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The Site Before Work Started Gallery

The following pictures are of the site prior to any work being done.The site was an overgrown,neglected piece of land, that was often used as a dumping ground which was mostly inaccessible to the public.As a Trust we are very proud of the site we have created and welcome visiters to enjoy the pleasant surroundings,spot the different species of butterflies, and see all the different types of wild flowers that have emerged or been added.Take your children down to the pond ,you might just see a Newt or Frog .All that the Trust members ask is that you treat the site with respect, take any litter home with you,and clean up after your dogs if they foul anywhere.Anway i hope you can visit the site and appreciate what has been done.It has been a long journey but well worth the results.

Views of Site

Before work started


Piles of rubbish dumped on the site.

View 2

Overgrown and inaccessible.


View towards where the new entrance bridge will be.

View 4

Overgrown and neglected.

View 5

Overgrown,inaccessible and neglected.

View 6

Trustee Betty Fearn and Chairman Steve Maxwell at the site where the new entrance bridge wiill be erected.

View 7


View 8